With react, we don’t need to load a new page to change the content, instead, we can use javascript through react to change the data that’s visible on the screen. This is making smooth UI and a better user experience. React focuses on component things and don’t have other built-in features. If we need other features we have to bring 3rd party packages. So developers describe it as a JS library instead of a complete framework. A ReactJS application is made up of multiple components, each component responsible for outputting a small, reusable piece of HTML code. React uses a new mechanism of updating virtual DOM instead of reloading complete DOM every time. Behind the scene react engine keep on comparing real DOM and virtual DOM, and if find some difference it updates the virtual DOM just as a patch. Thus, it does not create DOM repeatedly and results from there is no unnecessary memory wastage and reduction of performance. ReactJS still used the same traditional data flow, but it is not directly operating on the browser's Document Object Model. The React Virtual DOM exists entirely in memory and is a representation of the web browser's DOM. Due to this, when we write a React component, we did not write directly to the DOM; instead, we are writing virtual components that react will turn into the DOM.

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Why Reactjs for your business?

Point 1

ReactJS is known to be a great performer when compared to other frameworks out there today.

Point 2

ReactJS application is made up of multiple components, and each component has its logic and controls.

Point 3

It’s the best decision to choose React for your small or mid-size web applications.

Point 4

React Community support is good, and the team is working hard to make it better and optimised.

Point 5

React is easy to learn, but the pace of development of this library is very high challenging the developer to update with their skills and learn new ways of doing a thing to implement the best features available.

Point 6

ReactJS applications are easy to test.

Point 7

It will give the best user experience with good design and features.

Point 8

Create React App, GatsbyJS and NextJS are available options to choose from according to the need of the application.

What Skills and Tools can be used?

Front End Development

GraphQL API, Rest API

JavaScript, Typescript,Firebase

Who is supporting and using?

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram,

UberEats, Netflix, Codecademy

Dropbox, Atlassian


Public interest Organisation

Personal,Content and Media

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